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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Special 4:30 pm session

Brad Roediger




Dawn Jennings


Fraud & Forensic Accounting

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Brady Kress

Dayton History

Dayton's Rich Heritage

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  President's Message  

Can you believe how fast 2015 seems to be passing us by?  At least our winter has been much nicer than last year!  We are looking forward to having our student guests with us this month.  We will be giving away several student memberships or covering renewals, so please reach out to any accounting students you know to join us.

This month, we have a special session at 4:30 p.m.  Brad Roediger, will be talking about the UpDayton organization, which focuses on helping young professional generate economic growth in our area.  At the 5:30 p.m. session, we will have Dawn Jennings talking to us about fraud and forensic accounting.  After dinner we will be hearing from Brady Kress, of Dayton History.  He will be talking to us about Dayton’s rich heritage, including the role some of its leading entrepreneurs.

Registration is now open for the 96th annual conference in Los Angeles, so if you are thinking about going, you will want to take advantage of the early bird discount.  The Ohio Regional Council will also be hosting the 41st Meonske Conference on April 23-24, as well as its Leadership Training on May 16th.  Mark your calendars now, and we will have more details next month.

 Stay warm and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting.




  Stephanie Pyles - Tanya Shell
Chapter Presidents
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